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  • 阅读:8次???日期:2019-09-08Compositions for the Spring Festival

    In the sound of firecrackers, we ushered in the most grand festival of the Chinese people, at the same time, it is also my favorite day, that is, the Spring Fes...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:5次???日期:2019-09-08关于昆虫的作文Writings on insects


  • 阅读:2425次???日期:2017-10-23What Characters Teach Us about Character

    Character is that which defines us; it's what people will remember about us long after we're gone. The TV News, Radio Talk Shows, News-Magazines and the daily...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:2887次???日期:2017-10-237 Tips to Make a Fantastic Impression on Peop

    Making a fabulous impression on people opens doors for your business, personal, and career endeavors. People like charming people who make them feel comfortable...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:1542次???日期:2017-10-23Success Through Authenticity: Harness Your In

    For any inner-directed individual, much of life feels like you are a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. By forcing them to fit together, the natural ed...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:1263次???日期:2017-10-23Become a Practicing Artist

    At heart, everyone's an artist. In practice, of course, this is not so. You may be surprised to learn that, despite your artistic endeavors, you are not an art...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:987次???日期:2017-10-23Manifest Your Desires Using Natural Hypnosis

    Seth, the very high level, spiritual teacher and guide channeled many years ago by Jane Roberts, impressed me with his great wisdom and I started applying his e...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:1073次???日期:2017-10-23Heres What I Got Out Of What The Bleep Do We

    Your mind is so powerful that what you focus on happens. Your intent bends reality, creating vibrations in the quantum field.Your mind has enormous creative pow...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:2146次???日期:2017-10-23Will You Be Part of the Bigger Picture?

    With all the media attention you've probably become aware that there is something huge going on in the world, but are you part of this bigger picture?Day-to-da...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:752次???日期:2017-10-23Searching for Higher Ground: 24 Hours to a B

    There's a moment in one of my favorite films, Searching for Bobby Fischer, where 7-year-old chess prodigy Josh Waitzkin's chess teacher knocks all the pieces...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:1821次???日期:2017-10-23Intuition and Instinct, Our Friends

    Say the word 'intuition,' and some cringe. It sounds too new-age, too touchy-feely. Its close cousin instinct sounds animalistic.Western culture tends to deni...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:705次???日期:2017-10-23The Magnetic, Attracting Power of the Mind

    The power of the mind draws certain events, circumstances and people into our lives and repels others. In this respect, it resembles a magnet. Just look at the...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:3562次???日期:2017-10-23Finding Truth

    Why Must We Find Truth:Finding truth can be a very difficult task. We are processing data constantly with news from TV, radio and newspapers. Our government is...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:325次???日期:2017-10-23A Life of Adventure?

    In a conversation recently, a friend remarked to me: Every man dies, but not every man lives. If you think about it, that is profoundly true and rather disturbi...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:3331次???日期:2017-10-23Seven Truths of Universal Law

    Truth To Live By:What truths do you live by? Are the truths dependable? Are they consistent? Can you take some action and just know that the results will be as...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:3696次???日期:2017-10-23My Other Life is Exciting, is Yours?

    Everyone dreams of a more exciting life or a life that is different to the one they are living now.As you dream about your other life, you know the one, where y...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:2598次???日期:2017-10-23Discover the Magical Power of Pulling Heartst

    I wish you never have to go through that kind of pain!Last week, I was on the breath-taking island of Puerto Rico at a resort on the beach enjoying the crashing...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:2420次???日期:2017-10-23Talk Your Way to Financial Freedom

    Feeling trapped by lack of funds? We can learn from those who live comfortably and retire early. They use language differently from those who are stuck in a sca...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:3100次???日期:2017-10-23Visualization: Attracting Your Dreams and Des

    Visualization is an essential tool for attracting your dreams and desires. To manifest in your outer life, your dreams must first manifest inside your mind.Visu...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:538次???日期:2017-10-23The Good Luck Recipe!

    Good luck was not part of my life for many years until; I discovered a formula that has proven to be effective for me and many others.Are you ready?Okay, then h...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:431次???日期:2017-10-23Aspirations Worth Their Weight in Platinum

    "To succeed, planning alone is insufficient. One must improve as well." - Isaac AsimovNo matter what your goal is in life, be it a professional secretary or t...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:1099次???日期:2017-10-23Intuition: Your Best Moving Guide

    Recently someone asked me, "What coaching tools do you use?""Tools?" I asked, bewildered. "I avoid tests and assessments.""No," she explained. "Listeni...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:1208次???日期:2017-10-23What the Young Man Heard

    In the latter half of the 1800s, when the telegraph was still "high tech," a young man in Baltimore, Maryland, woke up one summer morning giddy with excitemen...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:1878次???日期:2017-10-23Living Abundantly: May the Force Be With You

    Perhaps, you have heard the phrase May the force be with you from your favorite Episode of the Star Wars movies. The Star Wars movies explore the power of our c...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:1802次???日期:2017-10-23Use Your Reset Button to Change Your Vibratio

    At every moment you can tell if the vibration that you are sending is either a positive one or a negative one by identifying the feeling you are experiencing. A...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:2027次???日期:2017-10-23The Power of Focusing on What Vs. How

    We see it and do it enough times to know just how it works. Resolutions are set, goals written down, strategic action plans put in place. And where does it end...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:3788次???日期:2017-10-23The Art of Loving & Living

    The joy of living is in loving. No doubt, only lovers enjoy life!Live every moment of your life as a love-live affair and create a win-win situation for yoursel...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:984次???日期:2017-10-23Do You Want Raspberry, Chocolate Or Vanilla?

    Descartes once wrote, I think, therefore I am! and 'hidden' in plain view amongst those five small words - for all the world to see - lays the secret to unlim...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:519次???日期:2017-10-23The Centre of Creative Powers!

    Evolution is nothing but seeking with clarity, demanding clarity at every moment. Every moment clarify to yourself the greater purpose of everything you do. Thi...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:3415次???日期:2017-10-23How to be Successful in Life or Small Busines

    Not everyone is programmed to be a successful businessperson, many people make it but many more fail along the way.A large part of your future success will depe...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:3559次???日期:2017-10-23You Attract What You Are

    It's been said that, "To attract attractive people, you must be attractive. To attract powerful people, you must be powerful. To attract committed people, you...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:1547次???日期:2017-10-23Your Mind is a Battlefield

    Every person should enjoy life in abundance and prosperity, but unfortunately, too many of God's people are living way below their potential. So many have heal...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:343次???日期:2017-10-23How To Become Insane

    Somebody once said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result. Optimal mental health, then, may include adapting you...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:581次???日期:2017-10-23Do You Have the Skills to be a Secret Service

    Do you have the necessary attributes to be a successful secret services agent? Do you melt into the background where no one can see you? Do you hide behind some...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:3357次???日期:2017-10-23The Laws of the Universe

    What I am about to tell you will take a very open mind to comprehend. So please, open your mind.No matter how our beliefs, philosophies or laws may differ, we a...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:1022次???日期:2017-10-23Limited Thought, Limited Experience

    I was reminded once again the other day about how well we limit ourselves and take on the values of others and their limitations.I was in one of our morning sal...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:642次???日期:2017-10-23Limiting Perceptions and Broadening Horizons

    If you live in modern society I'm sure at some point in your life you've sat in a window seat of an airplane looking down at the fluffy blanket of clouds and...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:183次???日期:2017-10-23Are You Thinking About What Youre Thinking Ab

    Do you realize that your belief system is ultimately what will determine whether you live a successful life or not?Since your thoughts are what your belief syst...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:3622次???日期:2017-10-23How Do You Choose To Deal With Your Life?

    "It's choice - not chance - that determines your destiny." --Jean NidetchIt is not what happens to us in our lives that is important, but how we choose to de...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:2694次???日期:2017-10-23Change Your Association

    Do you know any people who seem to attract bad luck?I had a friend years ago that just could not seem to get it together. He was in and out of jobs, had poor re...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:2202次???日期:2017-10-23Success

    There Are No Secrets To SuccessAs you strive toward accomplishing your goals and dreams you need to know that there are no secrets to success! Webster's Dictio...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:1280次???日期:2017-10-23Jerry Greens Top Ten Adversity Busters

    I've navigated plenty of speed bumps on life's road. My father's death led me to an entirely different career than my planned one. My business burned to the...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:3185次???日期:2017-10-23Affirmations

    Using affirmations can be a very powerful tool. You can use it in many aspects of your life to achieve certain goals and to ultimately effect the way YOU want t...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:769次???日期:2017-10-23How To Influence People

    Most of your success in life will come from your ability to deal effectively with other people. Your success will be determined by the number of people you know...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:607次???日期:2017-10-23Right Thinking

    Nothing ever happens by chance. Everything, good or bad, that comes into our lives is a result of the thoughts we have engaged in, or by what God has ordained t...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:2544次???日期:2017-10-23Manifest Your Dreams

    For each of us, the universe is different. A homeless man may view the universe as unfair, hard and tough. A rich man may view the universe as a lovely place fu...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:851次???日期:2017-10-23The Monkey And The Spreadsheet

    When the mind was fidgety, like a monkeyWhen you felt restless, it helped to understand drives. The mind perceived, recognized and interpreted. It set goals and...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:2651次???日期:2017-10-23Be The Chooser

    them."-- Khalil GibranOur life works and can be full of joy when we make effectivechoices. Our life can be full of sorrow if we make ineffective choices.Choose...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:2885次???日期:2017-10-23Self

    At its core, your sense of self-esteem or self-worth has a huge impact on how you live your life.It frames how you feel about yourself, how you relate to others...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:838次???日期:2017-10-23Rising Above the Average

    There is nothing more motivating than reading a story about someone who comes from a poor, difficult life and rises above it to do so much with their life. Read...[阅读全文]